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Team Oright


We chose this question because we feel this is the one most relatable to ourselves. We all study Financial Services at City of Glasgow College and are aware of the little knowledge other students in our college and ex-pupils from our High Schools have regarding investment and the sector as a whole. We had several ideas in the brainstorming of our presentation but ultimately believed an easily accessible and understandable app was the way forward. Mobile phones are owned by almost everyone teenager and so to make something that can be accessed in a hand held format appealed massively to us. We cover points in the presentation such as the current Bank of Montreal apps on the market, and the aspects of these apps that we would incorporate into the F&C app. We feel that we do not want to completely take away the excitement and risk factors associated with investing simply because that was what appealed to us all, hence why we applied for the course that we are studying. Instead, we wanted to introduce this app that can get other younger people interested in investing like we are. We believe that a Foreign and Colonial Investment Trust app will bolster this appeal to the younger generation and excite younger people with the opportunities available to them to maximise their use of their income and broader their overall understanding of the UK Financial Services sector as a whole.