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The Business Boys


As a team we decided that young people in the 21st century face unseen challenges and are more likely to not think twice about the importance of investing. This is why we chose to answer the Investment question. Saving can create a variety of opportunity for young people, so we wanted to highlight the importance of it. We researched different ways we can engage young people to take an interest in investing and to recognise it as a crucial skill to have. As our main proposal was to introduce financial lessons into the school curriculum we chose to present our entry via a PowerPoint in a school/teacher like manner which reinforces our concept. We put across a variety of points and information on different topics in a lesson styled PowerPoint which could engage every audience. When we gathered together in the beginning of this project, we started brainstorming, coming up with a direct action plan, chopping and changing, looking into ideas, and making very messy mind-maps. However, we worked as a team and we decided on our strongest points that came from our best ideas, and we researched all we could about them. We even peaked our interest in areas such as the extensive and rapid growth of online social media platforms and the beneficial use of banking applications on smart devices.

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