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Samira Abdollahi


Nowadays saving money is more difficult than previously.We are under more pressure from advertising. The internet makes spending money easier. I am going to give you some ideas about why/when and how can we save money? First, it is good to know what does saving money mean? From my perspective, knowing why saving can be difficult makes doing it easier. We all have to pay for our essential needs like food, a roof over our head, health and clothes. By the way, Be careful about clothes, don't be a slave to fashion. Even if you have only £1 to spare, save it for a rainy day. Remember, many drops have made the seas. When thinking about a budget, think about a week, a month and a year. And also think about monthly and annual costs. For example, monthly rent or a year's insurance. Why do we need to save?You never know what is going to happen in the future and remember you are making your future with what you do today.You may need to take a loan for your unexpected bills, if you have money saved for your rainy day. you can use that to pay off a debt, rather than taking a loan and paying it back plus interest. When you have saved your money you can put it in a savings account and you will earn the interest, if you don't spend it and keep going, it will add up to your capital. When your capital increases, you can think about investing in other assets.

When can we save money? Before you receive your income start thinking about how you will spend it?Have a look at what you have written, and think if you can cut anything from it. You can shop around and look for bargains. Remember, advertising is made by very clever people to tempt you to buy. You should always say I am cleverer than them so I am not going to buy it, unless I really need it.Even if purchases have a good price, don't buy it, if it is unnecessary. Small amounts of money poorly spent add up. How? Being your own accountant isn't difficult, all you need to do is: write down all your expenditure with relevant dates in one column, and all your income in another column. the difference between these two amounts shows you how much you can save.At the end of each month write a small statement for yourself. Look at it and think if you can make it better for next month. Keep all of them and at the end of the year, look at what you spent. If you aspire to save more money, you can see if you could make a better plan and learn from any mistakes which you have made.

One of the highest but controllable costs is energy, you only need to think, "Do I really need this light on?"
A simple question like this is going to have large effect on your bill. Transport: Why don't you walk? It is good for your health, pocket and the environment.You may not need your gym membership if you keep walking. If you get promotion or a rise in salary, why don't you put the extra money in an ISA? Not only are you saving money but you are also not losing money on tax. Remember you were living without that money in the past so you can manage without it. Have you ever thought about teaching your children, the skill of saving?If you don't do it when they are children, they may find it more difficult when they are grown up. Saving does not always mean being miserly. Give yourself a small reward when you meet your saving target. Here I am going to compare 2 different people,I hope it helps you to understand clearly what I am trying to say about saving money. They both have the same income, family members and circumstances.A has a plan, wrote a budget and saved. B has no plan.A keeps to his budget, saves and when a rainy day comes, he has money pay any debts.B doesn't have a budget and spends all his money. When a rainy day comes he has to take a loan to pay any debts.The difference between A and B will increase over timeIn the long term, A has more security and more choices in life. E.g to buy a house. go on holiday.