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Shay Kelly


I chose this question as I feel it was best suited for me due to a passion for technical analysis and specifically cryptocurrency. I felt that growth would be something that I could write a strong argument for because of this. My approach to answering the question was choosing one thing to invest in for future growth where I chose Ethereum as I personally felt it has the strongest case for immense profits of any potential investment at this current point in time. While writing this, I came across various factors throughout my research that I had never previously considered which really helped to broaden my perspective on the whole topic. One problem I encountered though was having too much information and ideas to fit into an essay that would take less than 5 minutes to read, which was somewhat frustrating as I felt I could definitely add much more to further solidify my points. Ultimately, I was happy with the content I managed to fit into the allocated time frame and enjoyed giving my thoughts on what would be a potentially great investment for future growth.

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