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Bridget Orr


Why a poem? Even though I am an Accounting student at GCC, and work hard in and out of class, I am also becoming more interested in poetry and distilling thoughts on big ideas into small(-ish) forms. Throughout the month of November, I challenged myself to write a bit of poetry in my very small diary and this gave me the confidence to write one for the competition.I wanted the poem to stand out among the other entries which I know will be good in their own way. At a time where people get angry about articles based on the headline or just the main protagonist and/or subject, poetry allows the reader to sit back and take in the piece of work without wanting to interrupt with their own thoughts. I could ream lots of statistics and place a few footnotes at the end for further reading if I submitted an essay, but it seems pointless if the reader has already decided what they think. With the poem, they might end up remembering one of the lines off by heart!Why I chose question three - this allowed me to think about the commonality between the original Amazon and the world.

- In response to the F&C Investment Trust

Invest in the messengers:
They make way to give you what you need, not necessarily what you wanted indeed. They still come through rain or night, modern horsemen hacking through poor light, shawled up with a brown package in tow for the receiver who does not want you to know. She cannot trust those types next door (that bin over there is not a safe store). They then back away in a swift tail swish, There are more people waiting for them like this.

Invest in the romantic heroes:
Like the one fixing upper shelves just there, when the door opened sending chimes in the air. A couple headed towards the graphic novel shelf but he was rebuffed when he offered them help. Instead one picked up his wallet (actually his phone) and though it was silent he still felt the tone change blown through by a sudden cold draft, his bruised inside was shaped like a cry-laugh. He could firewall that app, spoil their game, maybe geotag their stories with bells of shame.

Invest in legends,
but not from where the heroes now banished to the site of their defeat, the victors still famished for customers of an untapped population, so they twiddle and laugh over domin…expansion . The revenge match will now make it two unfair fights because slingshots get shattered by meteorites. When the giant fell down clinging from his stalk, nobody mentioned one village below where the bulk screamed their last. Yes that scamp won the golden goose but his harp needed replacements for strings gone loose.

Not everything we need can be carried and flown through and expected to land uneventfully alone. Mollusk™, or some future protein source is too new to be unearthed through geological force. We may not need to plan delivery slots if they update to unthinking intuitive dots who know when the milk is running dry, but not so much the general dwindling supply. You asked me what has untapped potential and where, hoping you find a disruptive new billionaire. For me, it’s more like:
How will this crisis (or opportunity for some) today be studied a semi-tercentenary away?

-Bridget Orr